The Flying Coffee Machine

by Angelus Marr/ Squid & The Krakens

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"The Flying Coffee Machine" runs on puns, interruptions and arpeggios, performs romantic/ humorous/ dramatic songs about coffee and surreal adventures, and is operated by imaginary sea monsters, balancing on a quirky juxtaposition of diverse musical references, from Baroque, Classical and folk to Punk, and Tchaikovsky to surf rock!

"Affogato", a tongue-in-cheek, action-packed romantic song, celebrating love for a dessert made by pouring coffee over hazelnut ice cream.

"Don't Call Me Darling" is a multi-style extravaganza song sneakily protesting against random people calling you darling, working its way through 50's croon, punk, classical to boogie-woogie.

"Early One Morning" is a soulful blues take on a traditional English folk song.

"Caffeine Lover" a very danceable fuzzy surf-rock love song about.. COFFEE!

"Tira Misu" is a dramatic love song about a delicious coffee-flavoured dessert called Tira Misu. Check out the time switch from 4 beats in the verse to waltz in the chorus!

These songs have been performed for enthusiastic audiences at various venues in London, and also Brighton and Oxford. In live performance, there are various elements of audience interaction (the audience are invited to contribute sound effects during parts of the song).

In celebration of the sound of the acoustic piano, "The Flying Coffee Machine" EP features a piano setting on the keys throughout, a new vocal sound, and guitar from Daniel Devilson as well as other differences! It also has 2 new songs on it, ie: recorded in-studio for the first time!

As compositions, these come out of the vocalist and keyboardist, Mr. Squid's classical piano training and several decades of immersion in Western European Classical music and life experiences. An untrained singer, he makes no pretensions to having a great voice, performing to communicate the main idea, the storytelling element and give an impression of the character of the songs, in an experimental/punk/folk kind of a way.

"The Flying Coffee Machine" serves as creative project documentation. In making this recording, Squid & The Krakens attempt to capture the live performative aspect, provide inspiration/entertainment for the community. In addition, it could potentially be used as references by performers wishing to cover the songs.

Recorded between October-November 2016, it was mastered over the winter period (this took a while due to engineer illness and other setbacks). It is finally ready and looking forward to being listened to!


released February 29, 2016

Performed by: Squid (Main Vocals & Keyboard)
Daniel Devilson (Guitar)
Caro Sexyrubbersole (Drums & Backing Vocals)

Composer/Lyricist: Angelus Squid Marr
Except for the lyrics of "Early One Morning" (Traditional)

Recorded at Tigersonic Studios, London
Recording Engineer: Felix X file Macintosh

Mastered at One Louder Studios, London
Mastering Engineer: Alan Emptage

EP artwork: Squid

the wonderful people who contributed to the costs of the recording and mastering of "The Flying Coffee Machine":
Jamian Wetlaufer, Jody Atkinson, CN Lester, jmp, Sidd, Anna Williams, Charlie Murray, Peter Kelly, Stephen Street, Nikos Kavalis, Lucy Van De Wiel, Dr. MCC, EJ Glez, Chip Blank, Badger, Caroline Fionda-Dedman, Kate Summerside, Megan Perryman, Benny Ashmore and Mr. Squid's Mum.

Big thanks to Squid's family and to all our friends for being supportive, attending our gigs, word of mouth etc. It is all very much appreciated and memories of all the fun times performing and interactions are very encouraging!


Production Date: November 2015
Released February 29th, 2016



all rights reserved


Angelus Marr/ Squid & The Krakens UK

Multi-genre experimental British Chinese composer/ songwriter projects with diverse influences folk, blues, jazz to Baroque, Classical, contemporary, Frank Zappa and Bjork. Music for film, cartoons, imaginations, for coffee cups, ink scribblers.. Warning, contains non sequiturs and ternary form. ... more

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Track Name: Affogato
I was sitting in a cafe in Roman Road,
When all of a sudden, an aroma rose!
Tongues licked lips without respite,
Teeth swoooned dreaming of just one bite..
OH! It was a crazy sight!

I won't forget you,
Sweet Affogato-
Down the river of love we sailed
In your glass bateau!
Who could forget you,
Sweet Affogato!
I'll drink up all your mystery
With a bit of gateau.

Verse 2:
A storm broke out,
We were soaked to the bone,
I landed on an island, all alone!
Sent smoke signals, got them all wrong,
The scent of hyenas is really strong..
I hope that help doesn't take too long..
To pass the time I will sing this song...

I won't forget you.. etc.

Verse 3
The rescue plane exploded!
Blew us to the moon!
I shook of all the dust and then
I asked for a spoon..
A chaotic voice said,
"You speak too fast,
Cutlery's a language of the past!"
To my surprise, YOU sprang out of a glass!
Affogato I am home at last!

I won't forget you.. etc
Track Name: Caffeine Lover
You got my heart racing down the street
It went so quick it tripped over my feet
They asked me why I was speeding again.
I said, Just listen to me. I can explain.

Caffeine lover kept me up all night
Caffeine lover - you make it alright.
Caffeine lover you’re too fast for me.
But I’d rather drink you than decaf tea.

You got my brain buzzing out of my head
I’ve lost my mind and I LIKE it, I said.
I don’t feel empty and I don’t feel blue
But when I get it back I want some words with you.

Caffeine lover kept me up all night.. (etc)

You got my body out of the grave
You said, "Well you’re alive, but you need to bathe..and
It's time for breakfast in bed"
And then I opened my mouth, and I said…

Caffeine lover kept me up all night.. (etc)
Track Name: Don't Call Me Darling
Don't call me Darling...
'Cos I'm not your Darling..
If I was your Darling,
You'd know me well.
But you don't even know my name!
So just say, Hello.

Don't be so difficult,
'Cos this isn't difficult.
You made a mistake and,
You don't want to know..
Why sulk when we could be friends?
I guess, it's the end...

Don't call me Darling...
'Cos I'm not your Darling..
If I was your Darling,
You'd know me well.
But you don't even know my name!
So just say, Hello.
Track Name: Early One Morning
Early one morning,
Just as the sun was rising,
I heard you calling,
In the valley below.
Oh don't deceive me,
Oh never leave me!
How could you treat
A poor me like so...
Track Name: Tira Misu
That night we had some Tira Misu,
We were deep in the woods with some cats.. **MIAOW!**
When all of a sudden, HE appears!
And I'm like, Hell! What's that?!
At first, we tried to put him back
But he wasn't having any of that,
And then he tried to push us in,
But none of us could swim...


Let's get married Tira Misu,
I don't like coffee, but I love you,
Don't break my heart in two!
I'll be forever true...

He said, Now listen to me well,
I'm more than a dessert!
And if you try those other treats,
Well that would really hurt!
We went for a walk in the park,
With dinosaurs in the dark, **ROARRRR**
We danced our way to Spain and back,
We painted everything gold and black....


Let's get married Tira Misu,
I don't like coffee, but I love you,
Don't break my heart in two!
I'll be forever true...

We lasted just three short weeks,
My Tira Misu and I.
Came back from work one night,
His note just said, GOODBYE/AU REVOIR/ BYE!
At first we tried to get him back,
But he wasn't having any of that.
And then he tried to push us in,
And that was when I learnt to swim...


Let's get married Tira Misu,
I don't like coffee, but I love you,
Don't break my heart in two!
I'll be forever true...